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Any Matrix users here? (the chat, not the movie) :D

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    No but they should have made a second movie. The first one was legendary.
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    Used to until matrix.org got hacked, still thinking about running an instance myself (maybe together with @Linux)!
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    @linuxxx @Linux already has an instance for himself :)

    I also have my own private instance.

    If you have your own running, hmu :)

    (anybody already on Matrix can hmu as well)

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    @FinlayDaG33k Oh yeah I know but I heard from him that he'd like to host another public one at some point so why not collaborate!
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    Would be nice to host a server on a sponsored environment, and be a small team that manage it :)

    @linuxxx @FinlayDaG33k
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    i looked into it. but im not really sure what/why i need it... but i installed it anyways..
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    @Linux Well, let's just say I have way too much time on hand rn anyways...

    @energy-vampire you need a homeserver (either self-hosted or public) and a client (Element - previously known as Riot - is a popular one that I use as well).
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