This was sort of strange to see... but props to Adobe for Order 66'ing their shit.

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    Sad day for the old internet.

    Flash provided a lot of creativity and access to making games to folks who maybe wouldn't have otherwise.

    On the other hand ...

    Flash was an absolute security dumpster fire. Adobe would sort of address it on their own time... and the things they wanted.

    As a video player it was an unstable crash monster.

    By the time mobile came around flash seemed to have no plans for mobile and Adobe seemed to have given up ...
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    @N00bPancakes mobile: adobe air?
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    @coffeeholic Was Adobe Air intended as a lifeline for flash?

    Kinda weird as flash just sort of sat around in mobile web land none the less.
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    Flash was born from a different time.

    Adobe produced their svg driver for browsers. It set the gold standard for svg on the internet at the time and opened a lot of doors for web scripted drawing interaction.

    It inspired the drawing company Futurewave to release a competitive product based on their svg engine that powered their drawing software. Futurewave was purchased by macromedia for the driver and they wrapped an ide around it and shipped flash player as a separate component. The entire concept keyed around video-style workflows, rather than the original static drawings.

    Adobe shit canned the svg driver around 2005 when they realized that keeping video and drawing separate wasn't going to win. They then bought macromedia and the lower quality product won out.
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    TY, I didn't really understand the technical aspects of flash at the time (or now) ... just remember that it slowly became clear that Adobe wasn't going to put the time into it to make it last :(
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    Ah Flash. You were amazing for the web, but you are nothing if not a security clusterfuck
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    What security issues specifically? I heard there were security issues many times.
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    @N00bPancakes I don't know that. But I could publish the same project to mobile (thag run with the air framework).
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