Not a rant, but i'm proud of myself :3

to make a long story short, i wanted a wrapper for a api (https://esi.evetech.net), but there were none that were updated or actively maintained, so i built my own. the first version had all the non-authed endpoints, and 2 days ago i finally got all the authed endpoints, plus added in features like a config file (for storing the token and project name) :D

I'm one happy fox rn!

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    I saw “:3”
    I cringed
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    well done!

    I can relate with the feeling - LoadRunner API is a bit broken at my client's and LR Admins don't bother to even look at the logs. And I need that API to unblock further development.

    So I go ahead and build a webscraper to get that needed data from the web version of that system. And hide it as an API's method.

    Feeling quite proud of myself here as well.

    GJ to both of us then I guess!
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    I saw "I cringed"
    I cringed
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    I saw recursion
    I broke it
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    @electrineer I saw a broken cringe, I fixed it. :D
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    @010001111 fear me, for i am fluffi
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    @netikras congrats :D

    api work is fun, even if it gets a bit confusing at times (like tokens)
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    @electrineer fuck it, you break it - you own it! Now YOU unwind that stack and clean it all up - all the mess you've made!

    Hugging rebellion... Let it be a lesson for you!
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