Who else had this problem?

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    Duplicates everywhere.
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    Where the language allows it...

    Use the single line comment for your code comments.

    Use the multi line comment for commenting out code blocks when debugging or whatever.
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    What _problem_?
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    I don't see a problem... most people tend to use them for both cases anyways...
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    i cba to commit errors so I never ever revert, i am trying to commit only working fixes or attempts to fix something that have any sort of real value.

    I am not a hoarder, though some of my projects suffer from a comment-plague but I clean it off when I’m done :P
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    Naw fuck that. PR's with commented code are an instant reject on my team.
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    Problem? You mean features
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    cOdE shOuLD bE seLF dOCuMeNtiNG
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