I'm currently missing a university class because of a wincrap update I didn't consent to. It didn't even ask if it can reboot, it just randomly did it while I was working.

Do I have some sort of legal grounds to sue?

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    SUE EM!!!
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    Oh yes, as long as they see you unfit for their OS, they'll update it in front of you. How evil muahahahahhhahhahahahahHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH
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    Probably not, but I haven't read that 20 mile document that call an "EULA" in a long time.
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    @C0D4 we probably all consented to random updates whenever they deem it critical 🤦‍♀️
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    Fixed it. Changed every setting regarding the windows update ransomware in the group policy editor.
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    Also changed the update server to the intranet ip address "fuck your mom". I think its valid ipv4 so windows should be able to parse it and connect to it to download the next downgrade.
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    You think you've fixed it..

    Which has probably broken something else too. :-)

    You may find bing unavailable for example.

    And it will still magically do an update. :-(

    With me, it lulled me into a false sense of security, after listening to everyone about what to twiddle with, I thought, yeah, I've got this.

    One of my least favourite was using the policy editor to stop it updating a windows driver to a non-functional updated one.

    Then it did a mayor update, and deleted the old driver, fun !

    But I guess I should be thankful it didn't update it, right..

    FX [ Makes note to check back in a years time to see how well behaved Windows has been. ]
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    I think you need the:

    "You can only sleep...update at night." setting
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    Why don't you use a Unix- / Linux-based OS then, if you hate Windows so much?
    Games, special commercial software,..?
    Just curious 😉
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    @Nanos Oh no! Whatever will I do without Bing?
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    @jay91 Because of VR. I dont want my $400 oculus to become a paperweight.

    Also I am currently transitioning to Arch (dual booting) and I'm working on a linux driver for the oculus rift s.
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    Thx for your answer.
    How do you do that, develop your own driver? Do you reengineer the windows driver or would that not work bc of the different OS architecture?

    Also I'm curious, is that driver situation the same for all vr goggles?
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    @jay91 It's actually very complex because I need to re-implement the inside-out tracking.

    I don't know about other devices. Outside-in tracking is probably more straightforward.
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    Apart from their maps having a slightly higher resolution than Googles, I notice a few websites refuse to work if you block MS sites.

    I used to stop updates that way, then I found out it still didn't stop them !

    Probably screw with hotmail/office365/etc. too !
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