If you are like me and register to many services online and get spammed with spam (duh) and want to know which services is selling your data , you can register with an email like this :
let's say your email is johndoe@gmail.com
and want to register to Service you can put johndoe+service@gmail.com and mails will still reach johndoe@gmail.com but appear as To : johndoe+service@gmail.com so then you can rant about how Service is selling your data.
credits to reddit.

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    @Letmecode I really just stumbled upon it on reddit : /r/ProgrammerHumor by a user name Athox .
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    What my freind does is have a fastmail account which allows him to have ~500 addr. Then he uses an specific email addr per service. Works both for figuring out who's selling data and privacy.
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