When using python, almost every other linter/formatter shoves down pep8 down my throat.

I used autopep8, which has NO CONFIG FOR USING TABS. FFS. The only solution I could find is disabling indent reformatting. How is this a solution at all?

Then I found black. Black is a piece of shit. Let's move on.

Now, I use yapf+pylint. This is basically clang-fomat for python. I love it, it does exactly what I expect it to do.

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    Thoughts on using snakecase for python? I try to put standards before my own preference - I'm even such a good boi that I use pascalcase for powershell parameters, but none of the python projects I have joined have used it and I just have to disable the linting for it.
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    @ltlian I use whatever the fuck I want to. A language must not dictate how to write code. I prefer camelcase personally. Sometimes, I use AllCaps-SnakeCase for constants/enums
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