How do you pronounce SQL?

"See for me, I just go my own way and pronounce it as ‘sqwool, or ‘sqwll’, which sometimes gets my coworkers (not db or programming people) calling it ‘Squirrel’. As such we have a custom written utility program which automates running certain SQL commands on various databases which is aptly named SQuirreL. Then we started to have fun with it: The ‘pre-defined’ sets of SQL are held in a ‘.nut’ file which you give to SQuirreL. When you want to see what scripts have been run, you check the SQuirrel’s .log to see what .nut files it has ‘eaten’. We thought about naming the log files .poop, but I felt that was too far. I know right now there’s people reading this cringing, but I say lighten up. My boss when presented with the tool, did not get ANY of the Squirrel/nut references… I mean the tool’s icon was a cartoon squirrel holding an acorn for crying out lout, but I digress.

So yeah, I call it Sqwll or Sqwool, but only when talking to people who don’t matter."

Source, in the comments: http://patorjk.com/blog/2012/...

I doubt this has ever been posted. =)

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    Seeqwel, best and only way :)
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    I agree with @dmacdo02, but I love your tools story! I loled at pooping logs.
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    Sequel - just the way I learned it and it stuck.

    As an aside, your Squirrel story is cool! Reminded of Java: beans, jars, etc.
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    EssCueEl or, more rarely, EsseKuElle (Italian pronounciation of each single letter)
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    Es-Cue-El, or myescue-el
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    Usually just "Es-Cue-El", but I tend to use "Sqwool" when bored
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    According to my software engineering class in the past it should be pronounced as sequel. So for me, sequel it is.
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    @CodeMasterAlex if you read the article it's rather interesting. Don Chamberlin (co-author of SQL) points out that S-Q-L is probably more correct but actually prefers to call it sequel himself.
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