Writing in cammelCase [or snake_case] means I have to press SHIFT quite frequently. Aaaaand now I have a sore pinky from pressing that right Shift all the time.

I've heard of the carpal tunnel syndrome.
Also heard of the student's elbow syndrome.
Is Shifting Pinky syndrome something we, developers, should call a thing? :)

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    Mine is used to being used and strong, I guess you'll have to exercise your pinky.
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    @c3r38r170 but I do! I write code 9 hours at work and 2-6 hours after work :/

    Any tips on how to pump my pinky up? [that doesn't sound inappropriate at all]
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    Just curious - what are you writing? Doesn't your IDE/editor suggest stuff once you've declared it (or are you spending all day declaring stuff)?

    To alleviate the problem itself, you might want to move away from the usual keyboard layout and go for something that can place Shift somewhere under your thumbs - this way there will be no straining to reach it. Plenty of examples over on /r/ErgoMechKeyboards.
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    @netikras I think my only advice would be to use it more. Not a great advice but it works for me.
    When I take selfies, I use my pinky to hold the phone from the bottom.
    I play a lot of FPS games, so I'm constantly smashing Ctrl. and Shift when playing. Of course you may not be able to play daily so this is a shitty example but it still holds if you like this kind of games.
    I have played the piano, I guess it has helped a bit, but maybe some other instrument like the flute Idk, you'd have to be into music for this one.
    And just generally trying to use it for everyday finger activities when it's not necessary to use a specific finger, like stopping alarms, scratching...
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    Get a better keyboard.

    I though the mechanical keyboard thing was just a bunch of dorks hyping a thing that didn't really matter mostly because it looked cool.

    But a good mechanical keyboard has so much better motion it is much better for the hands.

    Another good tip for hand fatigue? Switch out your pointing device. I have a Razer Basilisk, the Magic Mouse 2, the Magic Touchpad 2, an old Logitic mouse, and an Altec "shark fin" mouse, and switch between them depending on how my hands are feeling.

    Source: had carpel tunnel done from a snowboarding crash back in the 90's. I'm also super double jointed. Basically my hands are fucked. Already have regular tendonitis and early RA. Most days I tape some of my finger joints to work.

    I'm 42, and I've been at this about 20 years... so this doesn't happen overnight... but yeah. Fucking hands.

    I need to start dictating or some shit.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi thanks, there are some good ideas and I always value people speaking with experience :)

    However, I'm using a laptop and I need mobility (running after my toddler all day long; WFH, right?). Which means I don't have a luxury of using a stationary keyboard/mouse -- all I have is a touchpad and a built-in dell's keyboard :)
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    Here are some suggestions to avoid that pain:
    - Stretch your hands (more) regularly (and the individual fingers too).
    - If you are a cuber/speedcuber, then practice some One-Handed solves with the relevant hand (this massively helps with dexterity).
    - Buy an ergonomic keyboard (e.g. ErgoDox EZ).
    - Make sure you have a proper form when typing.
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    Definitely a mechanical keyboard would help. With blue switches you don't have to press the key to the bottom - only until the click is enough. Sad if that's not an option.

    Maybe learn to play some instrument like guitar or piano? There are also devices that can be used to train finger muscles. A stress ball might also help.
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    @electrineer Blue switches are not necessary, especially if there are other people around you. Most Cherry MX-style mechanical switches have an actuation point within the first 2 mm of the travel (from around 4 mm travel in total). All clicky switches are tactile, but there are tactile switches that are non-clicky and even some that are almost silent. Tactile feedback is just a different approach to the same problem.
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    @kamen I was just too lazy to mention other switch types that I don't have experience with. Good thing that Cunningham's law works also with correct but incomplete answers.
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    Play guitar. No more whining about bitch fingers. You'll have the strongest fingers in town.
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    @AlgoRythm Spinning a staff helps too, although it might affect your predominant hand more than the other... just like other sorts of activities...
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