Probably the best rejection mail I ever got..

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    wow :o what's the company? I want to apply too :D
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    Then what, you're gonna tell me that unicorns are real too?
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    I got a similar email from StickerMule, so it does happen.

    They rejected me after the easiest coding challenge I’ve ever done, which felt kinda odd (some math with edge cases). I’m pretty sure they had a friend in mind and just hired publicly for appearances. 🤦🏻‍♀️
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    @Root either that, or.. you know... you've failed the easiest coding challenge you've ever done :)

    just sayin'
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    @root yes, I got it from StickerMule itself :p
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    Maybe it's just a crooked ad campaign and they're not planning to hire anyone
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    @electrineer Yes, I was thinking the same. It is really weird to receive credits in a rejection... It seems a marketing strategy.
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