My stickers just arrived. And I especially love the encoding of “ß” within the street name.

German. It's hard.

Next time, just use upper letter and replaced “ß” with “SS” or just use a “B”. The B is especially fine to drive typographers mad.

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    @dfox Can we please get some better image quality? The joke almost gets lost due to the drastic compression artifacts.
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    Herr kretzs.
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    @StefanH My user name is a pseudonym, which I use for github and stackoverflow, which tell you my full name, too, and also state where I work, which you then can google to find out the location of my company. So, personal information? Yes. Private? No.
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    or just write str instead of straße
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    Hamburg <3
    Let me know of you need something IT related
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    Unrelated: What is that mouse roller thing like to use?
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    @ridecar2 For me, it's the next best thing to a keyboard that has an IBM tracking point. (I had such a keyboard one time. It broke and I could not find a replacement for it.) Unless I am playing games, I detest mouse usage and even with that mouse roller I try to reduce it. Yet it made having using the mouse hassle-free and ergonomic. I especially enjoy not having to make that arm movement to catch the mouse and going back to the keyboard, being able to stay on home row. I already miss it if I sitting in font of a machine not having the roller. Yet biggest downside is its ridiculously high price. It costs almost EUR300, so I got my company to buy me one. I haven't yet gotten one for private use, yet am strongly contemplating it.
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    Well. Stickers request faq says that you are supossed to provide adress for US International Post. So it is your fault you left ß there, not SS or B.
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