- Curiosity - always eager to learn how stuff worked
- Money [obviously]
- Future is technology
- minimal interaction with people
- I'm good at it
- call it a guity pleasure but it gives me sence of being better than people around me [don't take it seriously]

Personally, I am surrounded by people who are deeply religious. Growing up, saw my family, relatives and whole nation neak deep into religion and politics. No one was interested to ask questions or see things differently.

When I was 15 got an internet connection and started consuming information as much as I can. Understood things with physics, got to know a bit about universe that gave the perspective on existence and stuff.

It was not too long my curiosity took me to learn CPUs and it's components.

Well, from there it was deep 90° slope and I'm still diving down, I just simply can't stop myself.

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    not sure about 'minimal interaction with people' usually you often work with different persons and roles together... often.. but maybe not always..
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