Seems like even GitHub's CEO has now chimed in on the youtube-dl takedown! https://torrentfreak.com/riaas-yout...

A screenshot of him popping into the #youtube-dl IRC channel is posted here: https://twitter.com/t3rr4dice/...

So I guess this youtube-dl story may have a happy ending after all! Glad to have supported it and thanks to everyone who did the same :D

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    The bear was poked 😱
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    @F1973 It's not capitalist pigs but rather monopolist pigs.
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    @F1973 3: it's the streisand effect
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    @PonySlaystation monopolist capitalist pigs to be exact.
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    I hope they won’t get back to github so it teaches github a lesson.
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    @coffeeholic First time I've heard of the Streisand effect so I checked the wiki page you linked. Now I've wasted 20 minutes looking through urinal.net on web archives.
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    What got me was the comment in the tweet , where someone asks if the IRC screenshot was a Discord cli tool
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    @DonwaldHartman I had a "kids these days" moment when I saw that tweet. I did not believe I was old enough to have a "kids these days" moment.
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    @linuxxx Cause I’d like the web to be decentralized.
    Cause I’d rather see RIAA try to take down github website rather then some repository that doesn’t do anything more special then puppeteer is doing except it’s not backed by some corporation.

    So before taking any further step and disable repositories then apologize everyone and waste another couple of days / weeks / months and lots of developers time to click one button I’d rather see people wake up that ~10 companies doesn’t have monopoly to send information over http.

    At the end it doesn’t matter if you git clone from github or other place.
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    @vane Actually kind of agree but until I've got a good alternative for the content I want, i hope youtube-dl stays!
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