My mouse is now always double clicking for some reason ... Argh!!! Makes selecting text so fucking awkward

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    Yours too? :O Whoa!
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    Happened to me for a week before I realize my other wireless mouse was in my bag with a book laying on it.
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    I'm with @devphobe, check for another pointer device.

    Last time this happened to me it took half a day before I realized a book was sitting on the corner of the Magic Trackpad.

    It's also a way old school prank to plug in a small wireless mouse and fuck with your friends. Could be that.

    Then I'd dig around in settings? Maybe friend did you the "favor" of setting up single clicks as double clicks?

    Finally, if it's none of these, maybe... maybe your mouse if fucked up.
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    probably the switch is broken. I resoldered a new one. works like a charm.
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    I know that problem. Had a Logitech M705 doing that. There are YouTube videos on how to re-bend the spring inside the switch. It worked, but it's really fiddly. :)
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    @Xoka this happened to me 3 weeks ago.
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    It was a common problem with older razer mice, e.g. Copperhead. Maybe that's the case for you, too.
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    This is why I have a dozen spare mice..

    ($10 on Ebay for two dozen different models.)

    I did try once putting in a new switch, but couldn't find a replacement one the same size !

    I've since treated myself to a more expensive (but still secondhand..) mouse in the hope the switch lasts longer..
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    Thx for all the feedback, after further inspection I noticed the body is abit bent so its not just double clicking but an eteral mousedown 😂

    Now using corded one till new one drops
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