there should be a dev show like the voice but instead of the voice it's a hackathon and people vote for who they want to win

and you can view the players in real time and play all their demos when judging

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    I always wonder how those would be balanced between stuff like judging code and ... is the product actually out / usable and etc...

    Not to knock code quality or etc, it is important, but if it's griping over if it should be an SPA or some details stuff ... could get really silly when the team with just a back end wins ;)
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    And the judging panel should be the exact same judging panel from "The Voice".

    Wherein two washed up pop stars and a washed up country star duke it out over coding standards and best practices...
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    Do you really want people to think that "this" is what development is like? It would probably be all 20 year old idiots that don't have a fucking clue about life.
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    @Demolishun i'd have an application process. they'd have to have some cool github repos or be a linux sysadmin or participate in a qualifying hackathon
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    I'm trying to imagine more how the commentator would be like. Probably the likes of Master Chef format where he/she goes one by one on each section where the devs are coding. The developers would need to have a soundproof headset so they won't hear the strategy being blurted out by the commentator. There could be another commentator taking the inputs from the audience or giving the stats of the online/call polls.
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