Does this happen to someone else? She actively seeks that spot. I love her and I love to spend time with her and share the space, but I have to work, dear...

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    She doesn't want you playing with the mouse.
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    nah my dog and cat are lasy kidies :)
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    Cat’s copy what you do.
    You’ll need to let her see you work at another place regularly and she will follow.

    Then, DONT let her see you work at your workplace.
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    Yeah, same for me! I have to lock myself in a room just to get her away. Cats are weird
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    Have any old laptops laying around? Put it somewhere near and the warmth will lur it away..
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    Yea mine used to do this. Its because they see you staring at the laptop all day and want to replace it as your center of attention. Possessive little shits.
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    I can tell you what *will* work.

    Get one of them back heating pads. Set it to a cpmfortable temparature. She'll lay near it and not on it. Because like cat houses, they love to ignore the things you buy them.
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