Just, just don't be an ass and wear a mask and wear it in right way, ok? I'm fine, my work is not really affected by Covid, but many others are in deep fuck. It not cost much, just sacrifice a little comfort. Please.

Czech republic

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    I’ve lost family members because people were stupid enough to not wear a mask which is just about the most idiotic way to kill people.

    I agree! Wear a MF mask!!!!
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    @EDragon Sympathize with you. :(

    And thanks, my mom has asthma and few other comorbidities and when i see other people to not observe few simple rules... Friend, yes, i'm scared. Not for me, i'm healty and young, but...
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    @Lexter I understand it’s frustrating and of course it’s not just about us, it’s about everyone else we come in contact with a compromised immune system

    Hang in there, you can’t stop idiots from being idiots you just have to do your best at staying safe & keeping your self & fam healthy 💚
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    What I hate is when people say stupid shit like "but a mask doesn't protect me". Yeah fuckhead, how about you reducing the risk for others?!

    Even without Corona - in Asia, it's common to wear masks e.g. in public transport for not transmitting ordinary flue and cough to others. Totally unheard of in Europe. No wonder that Japanese regard us as barbarians, because that's what we are in comparison.
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    @Fast-Nop I know man, from spring we are all feeded with informations how mask can protect society, how they works and how we should care of them. How much another measures are important in combination with masks. Still nope. Many people in our country thinks it is all about ideology, being a sheep and so... It is just stupid. Remember czech in spring? Damn, we was so great, we act like one. But now?
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    @Lexter Yeah and 5G causes Corona to help Bill Gates. Though that's only by accident because without air traffic, the chemtrails are missing and thus also the stuff that makes frogs gay and would compensate 5G. Or something like that. Argh.
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    @Fast-Nop Yes, this is what some celebrites shouting on us. Many people keep listen to them. I mean, those few very simple rules can end this crisis in few months, we just need change our behavior.
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    @Lexter What I actually like is that you can buy masks in any design now. I have several ones depending on what I'm wearing. Cool black leather jacket? Black mask. Old camo army jacket? Camo mask.
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    @Fast-Nop haha yes, i have a frozen one, when i want to look totaly badass. :D :D :D. But most of the time i wear a black one with wampire teeth. :D
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