Just started watching mr Robot, not liking that much to be honest, but still decided to give it a try. Then mr robot takes out the piece of paper with a wrong IP address on and I'm like =_= "is this for real or are they joking with me"?

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    It's more a show about mental illness than hacker glorification.
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    It starts off half decent, considering what TV usually does to show off "hacking", and then it gets worse the more you watch it, then a soap opera. Not sure it got any better along the way, I gave up. But the first season was good enough if you forgave the obvious wholes.
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    If you watch it with the expectation that @SortOfTested mentioned, it's pretty good. I stopped watching it some time ago because I was also focusing on the thought of "oh, another hacky dacky shit show". I didn't get to enjoy it much then because I was constantly looking for flaws and cringing at everything.

    It has more to offer and hacking is just a tiny part of it. I finished it last night, made me cry.
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    way tf too depressive and gloomy for me to enjoy really
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    Aren’t phone numbers, IPs, etc required to be invalid in shows and movies?
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    It's not required, but standard practice
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    Did they do a "the IP is 192.168.434" or
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    @rutee07 Exactly that, I'm constantly looking for errors or feeling cringy whenever they talk about tech stuff, eg when Tyrell meets for the first time Elliot and they have an awkward conversation about linux and gnome vs kde just because "we are hackers, the first thing we do when we first meet is compare our desktop environments".
    Or when he destroys all his equipment in the microwave or drills holes his motherboard just because he has to remove all traces of a facebook hack, oh god that was hard to watch.
    Or when inserting an IP in a .dat file is enough of an evidence to condemn a man for a DDoS attack (wtf?).
    Or when Angela who should be an account executive for a cyber security company asks what is a rootkit (ok she is an executive, maybe that's not so strange).

    It's just the first episode and I'm a little disappointed, but at the same time having been in that kind of depression myself I'm curious how that's gonna evolve, maybe I'll keep watching just for that
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    You probably weren’t around then, but this was a brilliant series. I enjoyed everything about it and the characters echoing some real life people from the era.

    Halt and Catch Fire
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    @Root you could use private network IPs which are leading to nowhere if used outside the network itself. Or they could have simply bought a public IP and hosted a tv show related website for fan service, that would have been way more fun to discover if one was curious enough to look it up
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    @helloworld yeah halt and catch fire was awesome. Especially the first season. Got a bit to stretched out to a point to be unbelievable.
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    I mean we're all going to chuckle at how lame the "hacking" is and we've been doing so since "War Games" in like 1982.

    But as a series I'd say it's better throughout than "Hackers". Rami Malek plays both a believable hacker and portrays believable psychosis and addiction.

    Carly Chaikin played the dirtiest hottest hacker chick since Angelina Jolie in the aforementioned "Hackers".

    Christian Slater crawled out from under a rock, and looked like it, but put in a solid performance.

    Most shows suck dog dick these days.

    Requiem for a Dream meets Sneakers. Perfect 5/7.
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    I mostly watched it for the 80’s/90’s references. I mean ALF was in it!! 😎
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    @michezio they said in a defcon interview that they try to "use" real world exploits
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