For everybody wondering what's the new endpoint is..


you can also provide an `filter`, which is comma-seperated with the possible values:
- posted
- commentedOn
- liked

"View more suggested users" does NOT load more. It simply doesn't show everything from the response.

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    It’s also bugged when you go from offline to online; header duplicated
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    Always appreciate your notes about the APIs even though I don't use them. Interesting stuff :)
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    Many thanks! Give me some time, I'll implement it in my command line client in honor of your work here
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    I have loosely modeled the response. Green items are typical devRant data structures, blue are new
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    @skayo can add it to the documentation
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    Also, @frogstair can add it too
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    Just wondering, how and why are you reverse engineering the API? And documenting it.

    Shouldn't @dfox just volunteer the info?
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    1) Technically not a public API yet.

    2) [See: Reason 1]
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