Fuck it..
What’s the point?
Why do we care about a point at all?
Why do we even try to make sense out of it?
I’m religious but if you think about believe long enough that’s a point to question as well.

I guess the 2nd lockdown is getting to me.
I’m extremely introverted but this I too isolated even for me.

In the the 1st lockdown I made it for 3 weeks, now I’m breaking after 1.5weeks....

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    I hope you get better soon. :( Just remember emotions are temporary, lockdown is forever.
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    Have you considered misanthropy?
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    I don't mind social isolation that much, as long as I have the biggest library humanity has ever seen, that being the internet.

    Or maybe I'm actually anti-social to begin with.
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    We are coming out of our 2nd lockdown at the moment, come complain when you reach the 190 day mark stuck inside your 4 walls.
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    Lockdowns suck. But hopefully one day you'll enjoy an Irish pub beer again
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    Easy, I've already been in isolation on a small island for 4+ years !

    Reminds me of:


    > Lost Trailer (First Season)
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    We’re closing in on our second lockdown too. God, I hope we don’t have to though.
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