Is anyone else getting REALLY tired of seeing emojis in production apps? Pic related.

It just gives a really generic feeling, and I feel like more and more projects are getting comfortable with just throwing in an emoji and calling it a day. IMO it looks so trashy.

I can understand if it's a small company, but at the same time it's like, couldn't you fork over a few buckaroos to a designer on Behance or Dribbble and make your design a little more YOUR design? I wanna see what your brand represents. Emojis don't really help. Whatever.

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    Same, most of the time it's just lazy design. Like look at it, the emojis look completely out of place on the page, if they just removed the emojis and kept only the text in the colored rectangles it would already look way better.
    Or if they could've used some sort of flat emoji font, the emojis they used have a bit of shading but all other elements are completely flat. They look completely out of place.
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    I'm a lazy piece of shit and even I'll spend the 3 minutes it takes to go to fontello and make a decent glyph set.

    Or if I'm really lazy use the maxcdn bootstrap icons.

    But, this is too shitty even for me.
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    How else are they gonna relate to the kids? (I hate this so much I delete apps when I see excessive use of emojis in them)
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    I hate emojis in general, so I can only agree.
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    @Elyz :devrant: * 5000
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    I hate emojis in general, so seeing them used outside of social media is even more aggravating.
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    Emojis are awesome. They allow for quickly identifying things in UI without having to read. Apple called this friction.

    Nowadays database and even terminals fully support emoji character sets. Not sure what everyone is bitching about here.
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    Yes. That's so immature
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    @redbastien the issue is the overuse in design and how it just comes off as lazy and uncreative.
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    I use emojis for buttons like ⏯️⏹️✅❌, and nobody has complained. I should try font-awesome though...
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    @redbastien (glyph) icons are exactly for that purpose. In my opinion emoticons have nothing to do with conveying functionality, icons do. They both have different uses and should not be misused, especially emoticons.
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    Emojis in command line applications are worse.
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    Emojis are cancer, and I almost never use that term.
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    Rathere there than in commit messages!!!!
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    I've used them in comments 😂
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