MacBook is running even with 0% battery #respect

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    Or bug?
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    I'm a windows laptop and this offends me.
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    The displayed percentage often isn't as precise as the manufacturers would like.

    I read somewhere that certain charging patterns can confuse the calculations a bit due to voltage spikes in the battery.
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    @h3ll Mommy told me I could be anything I wanted to be
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    My old ASUS used to run with NaN% battery for hours.
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    I've seen Windows & Linux desktops run with 0% battery :p
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    My current laptop looses 30-40% in just 10 minutes but can work at -1% for nearly half an hour
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    Pff my desktop runs WITHOUT a battery!
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    Which MacBook model is that?
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    Mine went to -1% one time..
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    Well, in programming number starts from 0.
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    I'm using Surface book and never used the charging cable during my working day
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    @Koolstr looks like an Air of some kind...

    But I would guess this is somewhat related to the issues the newest MBPs are having with wildly varying battery life.

    I read today that the latest MBP is the first one that Consumer Reports has chosen not to recommend in like 10 years -- all due to the battery issues. They said in their testing, the results ranged from 4.5 to 20 hours on a single charge -- all under the exact same performance load (completely idle, screen on, just looking at the desktop).
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