If Google hadn't kill Google Play Music, I don't think a single soul would voluntarily switch to it's YouTube Crap Music.
If you remember prior to 2011 the initial plan of Google was to take market away from Apple's iTunes. They initially shipped Amazon music with branded Android OS before the development of Play music.

As a long term user of Play music I'd say "killing the product" was a "bitch move"!
Because Play music is doing really great and you could tell from its reviews and moreover the destination product is quarterly-baked not even a viable replacement in the least sense.
There are more than a million and one problem with YouTube music, currently you would notice your playlist history gets clogged up with your videos when you visit the video web. It's more like the actual YouTube app hiding behind a curtain to mimick a music player. Which is so so stupid and annoying!
As a user all I want from a music player is to fucking listen to music not to watch fucking videos... which makes the app unnecessarily filled with stupid options you never really need.
I understand that monetisation is necessary but please show some fucking courtesy by doing shit with wisdom!

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    I migrated from google music to youtube music.

    They wanted to sell me things....like Bro...I'm already paying you...

    I cancelled immediately, whatever youtube music is, it's not a replacement for Google music.

    I'm using spotify now.
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    They want to grow YouTube brand and it's pointless to have separate music app when Youtube is capable of that.
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    Been hating the switch from the moment Google started providing the reminders

    Absolutely mindless, infuriating, and unnecessary at best
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    I don't get why people don't like Youtube Music. It has dark theme, nice queue and plays music well. Its offline mode is pretty good, it always downloads music I'd like to listen and also a bit of music I may like. All you need to do is customize sound quality (by default it's medium) and disable likes from Youtube (new option). Hope the disabled likes doesn't mean they stop suggesting music based on likes from Youtube.
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    I don't know why people used either of those
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    I just use a... modified for my needs...deezer app lol
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    I used to use Spotify and then my family got a Apple Music family account and I switched over about 3 years ago.

    Apple music has worked totally fine for me on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android and I have never had any issues with it for 3 years. (The original android app was a bit buggy but they have overhauled it and it now performs just as well as the other platforms.)

    The only benefit I see in YouTube music is that it might have slightly more songs (as its YouTube).
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    I really don't know which YouTube music you're referring to... Maybe it's the one you bought from eBay. Because the YouTube music by Google which I've installed and used in comparison to Play music is total shit-bomb and a 5yo could tell.
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    @rooter it is very similar to Google music. Except that I don't think you can upload your own music like Google music and the play lists are WAY better than google music.
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    @GiddyNaya So, what's wrong with Youtube Music?
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    YouTube music is the whole reason I bought my first ever subscription on Android.
    Google Music in my country was a shithole, and I always purchased a separate MP3 player that did the job much better. With YT Music it's a whole new world of awesome.
    Dark theme, import library from your phone (you can upload your own stuff, just not share it publicly), equaliser, and YouTube level recommendations with background play capability.
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    I'm not a big fan of YT Music UX/UI but I've decided anyway to go for it over Spotify or similar subscriptions.
    Why? For two simple reasons:
    1) Most of the music I listen to doesn't exist on Spotify. YT really contains all the possible music available in the world, and despite some censorships, it still has the most available amount of underground stuff there. Also, people can freely upload videos and music making it available for you too.
    Also, I can stream all my favorite music or new stuff saved via YouTube for later while at work.

    2) With the subscription you also get background and ads-free playback for the main Youtube App. For me this is an improvement itself worth all the money, mostly because I use it to play 10h long sleeping tones/rain noises and stuff like this. Or I listen to podcasts and news-related channels while doing other stuff on my phone.
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    I really like YouTube music. Maybe you're just... too biased.
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    @realngnx I am definitely biased but that's mostly because I've used Apple Music for too long.

    Tbh YouTube music doesn't look bad at all.
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