Hi friends of devRant. I'm looking for some advise.

I love learning new things(tech). I want to try out a lot of things like crypto, game dev, AR/VR, etc. I'm also a student and worried about my career. You know you just can't keep exploring technologies and not focus on a single track. Currently, I'm good with web dev. It feels so difficult at times. I hate leetcoding/competitive programming. So you can guess I'm not great with whiteboard interviews. How do I manage time to learn new things and also be able to land a job in a domain? Do you ever feel the same? Any career advise?

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    Don't go into gamedev. It's a lot more work and you are 100% of the time treated like shit
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    I would suggest to stick with Web Development as there are plenty of opportunities throughout the world. But, you can feel free to learn the things you love. No one stopping you. If and only if you get comfortable with those things, you may consider pursuing a career in those areas

    Just remember that Crypto and AR/VR are pretty niche compared to Web Development, so making a career out of those may not be as feasible/easy unless you have expertise
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    I'm not interested in making a career in other technologies. I want to learn them purely out of interest and make cool stuff. I'm not gonna be a game dev for sure lol. Problem is that if I start learning these things, I might start forgetting some web dev and the time is very limited.
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    I think plc or java is more stable than Web. The Web stack you will learn forever and always be behind. Usually the code and libraries I write today are already deprecated... It makes me depressed...
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    I have no clue what could be associated with webdev, but I'd suggest first looking into things that might be implemented in webdev. That way you'll stay closer to your focus so you won't lose sight of it while learning different things!
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    Knowing the web technologies is indeed a good starting point for AR/VR.
    But as others said the game Industry is a soul crusher. So you may want to concentrate on Business Application of AR/VR.

    Learn about the new web gpu api that is a the future replacement for WebGL which will allow for performance 3D graphics on the web.

    Also in the field of AR/VR you'll need to be able to think like creative in order to come up with compelling user expierences. So you may want to study some Design. User Experience or Service Design and some Game Design mechanics.
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