Why is the interviewing process becoming worse over the years?

About 2 years ago I applied for a company and got into 2 interviews: one with the hr to see if I am bsing them and one with the tech people, to be sure I am not using buzzwords without context. Pretty straightforward, could be done in a single interview IMHO, but it's making me waste max 2 weeks.

Fast forward to one year ago: 1 interview with the hr, 1 interview with the tech people, 1 interview with CEO (why? Just.. why?)

Fast forward to today: 1 interview with hr, 1 interview with tech people, 1 interview with the CEO (again... why?), 1 coding assignment which "it's only going to take a couple of hours" and punctually has either poorly documented APIs to rely on or has trick questions/points. So "it takes a couple of hours", but if you want to pass it you need to spend a day on it... (and let's add that they may be using old docker versions so if it doesn't work cause they are using docker 1.0 and it fails too bad, you lost time for nothing, we are not trying to solve it, you just don't pass!).

Not kidding the last assignment I took and dropped required: external API, testing, don't use CSS libraries and make your own CSS, you must use TS and it was supposed to take "3 hours max".

My question is: why? Why is the interviewing process slowly becoming less of a: "I understand that your code may not be perfect for us but that you are a human being able to reason and adapt your code to our standards" and more of a: "You must do everything PERFECTLY and we don't give a sh*t about your time, start giving us your free time and then we see if we want you."

I just keep giving up after I analyze the assignments, cause a part of my brain thinks that if this is the way a professional relationship starts it's too easy to foresee weekend shifts and lots of overtime cause some manager thinks that "come on, it just takes a couple of hours!"

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    The Interviewing Industrial Complex strikes again!
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    My guess is that companies are hiring people that are not working out. So the response is to "make it harder". Glut of shitty devs? I dunno.
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    Well at least the coding assignment is for a full time position.
    My bf needed to do a coding assignment (supposedly 3h but took 3 days for research etc.) for a mere internship position.

    ..... in a start-up company
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    Primarily because there's a larger and larger cadre of people applying for jobs who aren't qualified.
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    @cho-uc yikes! Red flag ahead
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    @SortOfTested that would make sense, but this way I am feeling more and more pushed towards freelancing or starting a company on my own :s

    (The things keeping me back are mostly self-hate (had a trauma last year and I hate myself a lot due to it) and fear)
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    @SortOfTested Still there are better ways to assess their knowledge than assigning busy work, would rather do tech interviews for them assessing my thorough knowledge with leetcode style coding questions with automated grading if they don't have enough manpower for that with the first round of interviews.
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    @Demolishun the funny thing is shitty devs tend to pass interviews and later prove to be problematic while productive devs tend to fail interviews. My anecdotal experience is that experienced devs don't have time to grind leetcode questions but they know how to write a good piece of software. While a fresh graduate might grind the questions to heart and pass but due to lack of experience they end up failing at actual work.
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    Companies only have a manpower shortage because they don't want to pay decent wages. Which is the root of this problem, as well.
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    @K-Hole I see what you you mean but so far the best devs I met tend to have a lazy attitude which brings them to reuse a lot of code, etc. while the "I am going to do everything" devs I met often made copy-paste code.
    This is just a personal experience tho, I don't have actual data to prove the point.
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