My start in new company....

HR: you will get a Macbook from us...

Me: yessss!!!!


One Day before first Day:

I Picked up the laptop from company...opened the case....
No Macbook, but HP πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚...🀷‍♀️


First Day at new company:

PM: you will be using Ps, Sketch....

ME: how will be the licence costs payed?

PM: it is already installed...

ME: wait, what? It's nothing in my Laptop.. Wait what? Sketch?....I haven't recieved a Mac....

PM: What?????🀦‍♀️.....


Later in the same Day...

My laptop: Fu*k you!!! Your account has been disabled. Contact your system Administrátor...

ME: wtf????? 🀷‍β™€οΈπŸ€¦‍♀️

.....to be continued....

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    I guess they realised they gave you the wrong machine and disabled your account on it. And you'll soon get the mac you were promised :) With the working acc ofc.

    That's my guess
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    @rooter profit.
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    What @netikras wrote..

    I hope you don't end up with the colourful mac from 199x.. xD
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    @netikras I'm not entirely sure why would the account be disabled tho. Seems like "oops - we gave you the wrong keycard so we've disabled it and locked you outside. Don't worry - we left the correct keycard on your desk inside."

    I mean, sure - deactivate the account and assign it to whoever needs it but I'm sure you can leave it unlocked just so the employee can log in and start reading documentation or start connecting to Slack/Teams/etc?
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    @theKarlisK and if the HP was meant to some manager and has access to the repositories containing sensitive data? As her account is enabled on that lappy she potentially can access the sensitive info.

    That is all assuming the accesses in that company are bound to devices rather than accounts (or at least some of the accesses, i.e. some 3rd party SW that lacks an ability to authorize users by the realms used in the company, e.g. LDAP).

    IDK, don't ask me. But there are so many possible scenarios I can think of I could flood this comments section real quick )
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    What @netikras said. It sounds like a honest mixup, and companies usually take sensitive data very seriously. That's a good thing tbh.
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    Oh fuckity fuck... my only advice, bruh (you didn't ask for it but I'd be a heel to not say this), be cool. Don't do what I've done and roll your eyes or let on if you're pissed off...
    It could be that somebody who takes care of these things is out... or they're just fucked up. But that's not your concern. Be patient, it will work itself out. Peace out.
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    @netikras if they gave me the wrong Machine and disable it, it would not be the problem, except that I have to wait for Macbook 6 weeks πŸ˜‚ with locked machine....

    But the problem is, I am already on new project, but I can't browse the documentation, wireframes and nothing, the comunication app is not working, can't see the channels on my personal laptop or Phone..

    As I first opened the laptop, there was already created account with my name, so I don't think there could be a security issue...
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    @gardendwarf until you can work, you get free money.
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    I once was offered a macbook air with 2 gigs of RAM that was 8 years old. Picked the lenovo instead.
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    You sure you went to the right office?
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    Please update what happened next
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    Update : on the end of the month I a waiting for a high phone bill.... 🀣...

    The issue with disabled account took 3 days to resolve....

    Multiple phone calls with Tech Support in England/India...

    I was talking within the 3 days at least with 10 people im tech Support center... And like 7 of them wanted always my email adress and my personal ID and told me to reboot my device and wait... πŸ˜ƒ

    .... On the third day I obtained help which I needed and successfully unlocked the magic dy laptop 🀣
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    @gardendwarf you can get the money from the company back.
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    Good old corporate incompetence
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    Unfortunately you are right...
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    2. Update:
    The F*CK...that feeling when you were working as a junior UI/UX designer for about 3 weeks in new company, you were on a project which is almost finished and delivered...

    1 and half week Later (after technical issues)....

    you have noticed one quite importat mistake in the designs, which were done by senior designers, which can lead in future to a huge Ux problems - so huge, that users will probably leave/close the app and will not purchase the product via that app... ( We can say than whole design solution was a waste of money for the client)... On that designes was working a team of 4 people, about 3 Months (and the app (prototype) had to be ready already 2 Months back)...
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    * the deadline was pushed 2x already...

    And your boss (senior designer) tell you that this is not such an issue.. But thx for your opinion.....

    1 week Later by user testing 4 out of 4 people were asking about that stuff I told to my boss that is missing...

    And I was ignored...

    In less than 1 week Later after the testing I get fired from the company without no reason...

    Or better - the reason was:

    I have too little experiences for this job...
    Dont know if I should laugh or cry🀦‍β™€οΈπŸ€£/😭
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    @rooter haha not the most advanced shopping cart 🀣 but long story sort - there were missing key details which could lead the user to make the decision to buy the product.. (Its more a service than an item.... And no, it wasn't price or picture of a product which were missing🀣🀣🀣

    Yes, in trial period... They didnt want to speak about details...Only that I have not enough experiences for them.. 🀣

    But funny is that in a company before I was working as an only designer with a teams of developers, PM & with the client himself and no complaints ever... I did multiple redesigns or created apps from nothing in 4 days - to 1,5 week time period and no one hesitate about my experiences....
    I changed the company because of higher loan and because I thought I can learn from them some good practices..🀣 but I lost the job instead, because I was a pain in the ass for the boss, as he gave me tasks and I didnt ask him too much for help πŸ˜„
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    @rooter thanx for your addvice πŸ‘πŸΌ
    You know with the time I understood what was wrong.. Since I have said to the boss about the UX problem, he started to give me back with a smile on his face all my designs, icons, everything like about 5 times each.. For example he gave me a task to create icon sets, and as he was satisfied with it, he didn't put it to the design anyway, but instead of it he downloaded some other icons and put those there, also when they were completly out of topic and were of different style each.. And so on.. I don't understand how could such an idiot be in leading position for so many years..yeah..corporate.

    Now...I am searching for a new UX/UI designer job 😊πŸ’ͺ🏼
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