The interview I was so nervous about apparently went well. It’s a small ad company.

I was offered a month long “work trial” period.

Problem is I was caught off guard with discussing compensation & what I agreed to is less than half what the average dev makes in my state.
Like barely above min wage

I feel much less excited about this but this would be my first job in a loooong time.

I’m not sure how to feel but I think I have to at least try, but I feel taken advantage of already!
Is that bad? What would you guys do? How would you approach this before sending any signed commitments back?


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    i'd take any job that i get, work there until i get my desired job
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    Either decline, or agree and keep searching for a new job. You can also resign at any point if you figure out that it's not worth it at all.
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    In my opinion you’re in a good position, I will explain why.

    1. Taking a job will remove the unemployment gap and make it easier for you to get a new job. From experience I know that it is a lot easier to find a new opportunity while you’re still working.

    2. It will get you used to the working routine again, and maybe you could learn something new to help you move a level up.

    3. I would consider this as a stepping stone towards your next career goal. Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to move forward.

    4. Being in a low paying job gives you a very valid reason to move on when searching for a new opportunity. No-one would ever question why you’re trying to find something better.

    Last but not least if you don’t like it, you can always move on since I don’t think this is exactly your dream job.
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    I bill 50 - 60 per hour.

    But I rarely actually make that much. Probably closer to 3/5 of that.

    And back in the day when I was getting my start I absolutely took a job for $12.50 an hour. I was unemployed during the Great Recession... so... yeah.

    Anyway, I took that job and kept looking.

    In 2 months I took another job at $26 an hour. They BEGGED me to stay. I told them I would for $26 an hour, but only if they back payed me the two months at that rate, because they shouldn’t have been ripping me or other devs off so bad in the first place.

    So... I stayed employed... I got a better gig... and I got the satisfaction of rubbing that shit in their face.

    That’s a win/win/win.
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    @linus-torvald right!? I know beggars can’t be choosers but damn!
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    @PappyHans I seriously need to end the unemployment gap and I’m taking it simply for this reason.
    I do however feel totally bitter over the fact that I’d be making more per hr working at target or any warehouse but at least it gives me a new entry on my cv.
    The owner let me know that devs do come and go more often than they’d like and I guess now I see why
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi thank you for putting figures I appreciate that a lot.
    I love that you asked for the back pay too! It totally feels like you’re being taken advantage of (I do)

    But on the bright side, the huge pressure I felt to be good enough is now less than half the size
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    I just wanted to say that @PappyHans gave all the reasons to choose this job, unless there is a better offer on the way
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    In that month you can prove that you are awesome and they need you.
    Negotiate a better deal (like above avg) after the month.
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    @coffeeholic yeah I figured I should use this time to show what I can do & possibly need to make at LEAST what the lowest paid devs make around here
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