Having a narcissist as a friend can depreciate your mental energy so much that you just want to scream "fuck off... nobody gives a fuck about you".
but you know doing that will scatter the little fantasy world they surround themselves with and open them to a harsh reality.
so for me, I just go with the flow

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    I am not narcissistic, I am a perfectionist. I don't know why I bother. You plebes don't have the capacity to understand.
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    Does telling off a narcissist actually make that thing happen?
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    Stay away from narcissists!
    Why? Because you can't reason with them!

    People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder will actively seek people they can exploit for their own pleasure. If you are shy/ an introvert / a nice person you're a prime target for narcissists. They're masters of manipulation. They will drain you of every last piece of happiness for their own goals.

    And even if narcissists know that their behavior is hurting people and go to psychotherapy they will always have that voice in them "I'm the greatest! everybody is wrong about me, I deserve more (praise)".

    The only way to stay sane is to distance your self from the narcissist.

    Gosh I get so angry inside when having to deal with narcissists for more than 3 minutes.
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    @heyheni I have to read the definition each time somebody mentions one. I do this to make sure I have not become one. lol
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    They need more people to tell them to fuck off, but the reality is most of us are scared to do so.
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    @heyheni My parents were narcissists. Kind of explains some things.

    Anyway, you and @rutee07 are correct. @phat-lasagna, too, even though telling people like that off doesn’t actually do anything. They’re broken, borderline unfixable people.
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