Dear Identity Providers, Never ask for "favorite teacher" or "mother’s maiden name." Security questions are among the worst ideas in security to date. If you insist, at least let me provide my own questions!

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    I guess but those other questions are dumb / I can't remember what I said anyway.

    Like I'm not a 5 year old... I don't have a single favorite food....
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    Why do I get the feeling a common question would be: favorite porn star?
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    This shit is annoying me as well!
    There is nothing secure about those security questions. It's just a second password which is much weaker and you can use it to get access to an account.
    I have no idea why those are so common.
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    It's nearly the same as having 'pizza' as your password on every account
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    Just store the selected question and generated random password with the regular password in the password manager.
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    You can always choose 'favourite teacher' question and answer something you can never forget

    Question: favourite teacher
    Answer: NullPointerException
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    *chooses "custom security question"

    Question: "What is your password"
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    @AlgoRythm "What is your password in reverse?"
    - to make it more secure.
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    @Oktokolo Exactly. With security questions I always choose a random one and enter a randomly generated password and store that in a password manager 😄
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