Was asked to setup a stream from OBS to GoToWebinar.

Just found out OBS supports LoveCams.com but doesn't support GoToWebinar...

Idk if its OBSes fault, GoToWebinars fault, or someone elses fault but I think it's funny that it would be easier for me to stream to lovecams and ask our attendees to watch there

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    "Ok folks today we're going to talk about Guaranteed Income Contracts within the context of Imputed Interest.... from my bedroom ... with these poorly hung Christmas lights all around because apparently that's required for this format... ."
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    @N00bPancakes you can tip me if you like what you see
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    "Ok it looks like we have a question let me read it here ... "Lift your --- damn it people!"
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    OBS is OSS so they only support protocols that are openly documented and are unencumbered by licenses.

    Further, usually the company in question has to implement a handler for it in OBS, not the other way around.

    Bug GoToMeeting (I think that's by LogMeIn, right?) to have them add an implementation to OBS.
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