I bought my first bitcoin!!! Or actually 0.00660429....

It cost $100 USD

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    You will be rich by the time you die
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    with revolut ?
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    @theabbie yes probably ....I just looked at the charts and looks like an all time high so prolly will get screwed...

    But just testing the waters I guess...

    Maybe I'll buy a whole coin next time it crashes to 5k...
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    @iiii just one of those moments.. Like when ur baby says his first word.

    The big thing I guess is now anyone can buy it easily.
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    Yea probably screwed... In a bubble...

    But only $100... Originally point though I guess was just how little $100 can buy....
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    Great time to buy
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    @donuts bitcoin is a bubble. maybe there was some sense in investing in it some time ago, but now it's meaningless at most.
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    Buying when the price is high how those who jumped the train early make their money.

    You know, it's like a Poker table. If you can't figure out who's the sucker within five minutes, you are the sucker.
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    @iiii as far as I can tell, everything is in a bubble... Until we get a working vaccine and get rid of all the govt debt that was just spent on stimulus... The markets are just a crash waiting to happen...

    But the problem is if you sat out, you got screwed too... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    These days everything is just a casino...
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    @Fast-Nop 5mins easy: everyone who buys after me since I got here first lol.

    But yes I dunno... $10 just felt too small and $500 too big
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    @iiii I read everything you post in your real voice I had the chance to hear and it immediately sounds so stupid. Just as stupid as it really is. Just as stupid as you really are.
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    I sold all my coins, it's a bad time to buy, you're correct, but congrats.
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    I never really trusted this Bitcoin thing since that dude yelling “bitconnect!!!” Came out as a scam
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    I would have bought it at 100/coin if I had the money to invest

    Had good info that it would go to 1000-3000.

    I'd be a millionaire if I had.

    Had good info on tesla foo, early days when everyone was saying it would crash n burn and losing their shirts buying put options.

    Had good info on amd.

    Had good info on the auto industry.

    Hard to invest when you dont know anyone and have nothing to start with.

    I've been right more than 80% of the time on investment picks.
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    Congratulations to aquiring some of the most energy intensive currency on earth.
    You passed the turing test.
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    @Oktokolo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if you can't beat them... Join them... Just look at the stock market... Hasn't crashed yet...
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    @donuts You bought BitCoin with PayPal? That's about the most risky business there is with Crypto. Not only will PayPal NOT COVER YOU when the seller rips you of because BitCoins are digital goods, but:

    Even if you use a middleman like Paxful or LocalBTC, it's still risky business with PayPal. Your PayPal account could ge flagged, or the transaction could be put on one of those random "PayPal is checking this transaction" holds that last for days. The seller could then

    1) Think you're not paying
    2) Don't send you any BitCoin
    3) Sell it to someone else
    4) Get your money anyways after the PayPal "check".

    Don't buy BitCoins with PayPal. I've once lost around $500 because PayPal is a burning inferno. It "paused" the transaction for days, seller dipped out, got jackshit for my money. When I went to dispute "Nah, can't help ya mate, BitCoins one of 'em Digital Goods. Now go cry in a corner somewhere". Like really? What company does not cover selling digital goods in this day and age???
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    Yep, definitely human.
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    @Oktokolo sarcasm?
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    Sarcasm requires intent. And i doubt his intent is to contribute to the volatility of bitcoin wich actually is the sole reason why it never had a chance to become an actual mainstream currency. He is just in for the profit from speculation as everyone else. So no, i don't think the bitcoin investment is a sarcastic move...
    Wait, you are asking about my comment - oh yes, that is sarcasm indeed.
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    @Oktokolo I mean your message about energy efficient currency.
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    Energy _intensive_ - not efficient.
    The Bitcoin "value" inflation has probably outpaced the proof-of-work-requirment inflation for multiple orders of magnitude by now.
    So Bitcoin could by now be more energy efficient per purchasing power than printed money.
    But basing the creation of units of a currency and each transaction on waste huge amounts of energy (proof of work) is an obviously stupid idea if you are interested in keeping the ecosphere human-friendly for the generations to follow...

    Bitcoin has been invented with the intention of creating an utopia one-world-currency freeing all the people from all the governments, banks, and big corps.
    But instead of becoming just that, it became just another thing to bet on and enabled the economic feasibility of global-scale ransomware campaigns.
    It is also used as a one-world-currency. But sadly almost exclusively for buying and selling illegal things...
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    @Oktokolo right, I've messed up the word.

    I don't think bitcoin is good and I think it's a speculation bubble which causes the world to use a bit more energy than it should for no added value whatsoever.
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    @Oktokolo also inflation of prices for hardware. Those pesky bastards...
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    @iiii and allowing the world rich to keep their money from getting taxed... Though that's what apparently what the whole wealth management field is.... Just happened to watch the documentary for Capital in the Twenty-First Century...

    TLDR: only way to change anything is a global revolution against the rich like back in 1940... Likelihood that happens.... Very low
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    @donuts nah. rich have many other ways to do that besides tipping into bitcoin.
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    @iiii its not just a speculation bubble its a money laundering scheme combine with a pump and dump.
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