I started using vim today

Not sure if I'm gonna ditch GUI IDEs and editors completely, but I think I'll try using only vim for a day or two, see how it goes

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    Sounds reasonable. Just because you like a certain tool doesn't mean to life has to revolve around it.
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    You are not going to ditch IDEs no matter what (unless you quit programming)
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    @10Dev and that is the last time we hear from you. Because you couldn't find the logout button...
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    Vim is great but depending on what you're working on, it probably won't be a good alternative to a proper IDE. Most IDEs have a vim plugin so you can get the best of both worlds!
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    it's a nice way to say "I have VIM on full-screen and I have no idea how to exit it and use my IDE again; I estimate that could take a day or two"


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    Vim is great text editor, like vs code, atom or sublime (but faster and more fun).
    It's not an IDE though, unless you add ton of plugins to it.
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    Use vim extension on your favorite IDE, then you got best of both worlds
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    i think a day is not enough, like any other stuff you switch from what you are accustomed to use. tried that too and it was not worth it, because i need productivity and get shit done. another example would be when i switched to 60% keyboard, struggled for 2 months, now it is awesome.

    my point is that some things work out, some not. good luck.
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    @LameCode20 speeds up your code navigating and editing, deleting everything in bracket is as simple as di{
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