What if we hired drivers like we hire programmers

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    What if the incentive was as good for race car drivers?

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    Thank you for applying to the driver position! Unfortunately while your skills are super impressive and we were totally blown away by your brilliant contributions, we reviewed other candidates whose skills are a better fit for the position and won’t be moving forward with you. Btw I’m totally lying. You’re the only applicant and I’m waiting for a 10x driver who will want to work for us. We will be keeping this job post open for the next two years or more bc we refuse to hire anyone short of that.
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    Must have 140 years experience driving, even though car was invented 134 years ago.
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    Love it. The company then says
    “Oh you’ve never driven a 2020 Chevy but you have a decade of experience driving Chevys, PASS!”
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    @natescode yes you understand all the rules and hidden rules of defensive driving, have the dexterity and reflexes of a video game champ, even know basic mechanic skills but nope we’re looking for experience with Chevy 2020. Reject!


    Interviewer: Have you driven a Chevy 2020?

    Applicant: Durrr yessir! I’m a gooooood driveeer!

    Interviewer: Sweet!

    I bet out of the developers who were chosen instead of me, some don’t have any fundamental knowledge of OOP, Computer Science or even good problem solving skills and are piling on the bugs as we speak bc they know Reactive SQL and dynamic HTML6
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    @d-fanelli yup. Literally happened to me. 7 years of .NET experience but not a .NET core expert (its only 4 years old) so I was passed.
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