If you ever think of using React Native, don't

Save yourself the trauma of endless build errors and indeterministic side effects

Run for your fucking life and never touch that shit

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    When using React Native, especially outside of CRA/expo, one has to be slightly superstitious
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    I thought we have known that a year ago... but good you catch up
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    Never touch it without Expo SDK glove! 😁
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    I'll keep this JS fights between JS developers. Let's hope you all kill each other.
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    Tell this to the JS Fanboys
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    @theabbie I am a js fanboy. React Native is a fuckin dumpster fire
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    @10Dev Never tried it, I need to try it First to agree or disagree.
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    Is Flutter any better? Looking to jump ship for greener pastures...
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    No. Keep writing in react native.

    The amount of money I'm making to triage and/or rewrite your bullshit is fucking legendary.
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    i'll just laugh this one of!

    because I work on react-cordova combo apps for both stores

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