Love Letter To The Future

Go read it, seriously, dont wait. If you wait it might gone before you even have a chance. This is what we face. The elections don't matter.

This is the real danger we all face.


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    Yeah this era of free expression on the Internet is fleeting, very soon we will all be having to toe the line of whatever some dictator or "president" deems acceptable discourse and our access to the internet will be given only in exchange for our loyalty. People will remember this era fondly, I think, but it won't last.
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    @justamuslimguy "I think, but it won't last."

    It could, if we want it badly enough.

    We need a digital bill of rights.
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    @Wisecrack That will only last till a leader comes along who dislikes the idea and connects it to "terrorists" or "hatemongers".

    Print media, radio, television, all trended this way. Nothing tells me the Internet is special
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    "Fuck you. Pay me." I give that 999 butt claps.
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    @rutee07 It's a Goodfellas quote, one of my favs. Never gets old. Its why they call em 'classics'.
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