ok hear me out: local unicode

by that i mean, unicode designates a character that is designated to show up differently for each person

for example, 👤, and your operating system replaces it with you profile picture

or maybe some unused character could be your favorite color and you'd set it in your operating system settings

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    Why would you have a character for your favorite color? And why show a user's profile picture in text? I mean the idea sounds kinda cool, but I can't see a legit use case for it.

    Also I don't think anyone would give a fuck, at least not the average user :/
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    Unicode was meant to standardize everything, not create a new thing that nobody will bother with
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    @neeno i have no idea. but there's probably some. maybe an automatic human pokémon card generator, that would use a name character for your title, a profile picture character for the image and the background color would be your favorite color. can't think of a legit use case tho.

    @frogstair it's a standard character to be replaced with a dynamic value. just because it's not the same across every device doesn't make it not a standard, just not constant.

    @rooter yeh, i'm saying the browser/os could have replace the incisor standard characters.
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    Totally possible from an os point of view, but you got to make google , microsoft, apple and linis torvald support this feat. And they rarely ever agree on something
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    I don't get why anyone except terminal narcissists would want such thing
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    Something like FontAwesome?
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    You can always make your own font changing whatever you want for whatever you want.
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    @iiii a what would we bad about it

    @c3r38r170 no, a character that changes based on whoever device it's being used on
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    It could also evaluate to path to home folder or whatever. Still unsure if it would be really useful.
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    @calmyourtities what would be good about it first?
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    I get the idea. Tho why unicode instead of some ${os.profile.pic}?
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    @iiii exactly

    @netikras i was thinking that, but it if it were unicode it wouldn't matter what application it was. ex. you could do it with a web page, qt app, or any gui application where the operating system renders text.
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    @calmyourtities is it OS that renders text? I always thought it's up to the application
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    @calmyourtities exactly what? What exactly is good about personalized emojis?
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    @netikras i always thought it varied. i think the is does for win32 and native mobile apps. others probably don't, but even if the app renders texts itself, the os way would still work if it got the font from the os.
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    @iiii i haven't a clue. probably could have a use eventually tho. maybe filling out forms automatically.
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