Indian web dev companies suck ( for developers )

when I finished 3 year grad program in computer application here in my country (India), I thought life's gonna be fun working as a developer. Oh boy, I was so wrong.

I started out working for a small service based IT company, followed by 2 more. I realized really quickly that they're nothing short of a scam. If your company's only agenda to somehow survive in the market and showing no signs of growth in 8 fucking years, then I'm sorry you're working for scamsters.

Now I'm not saying that all of them are alike. But most of them sorta are.

They don't give a shit about quality, not one bit. Quality means no money in the short run. And they haven't been able to develop any strategy to deal with that. Hence, no growth.

They promise 100 things on their website but only provide shitty services in 10.

There is no pair programming, no code review, no code quality check, no architect, no database designer. They won't give you extra time to write test cases. They use git as a storage device.

They don't put their developers (especially the ones who are learning) under any sort of managed development framework to ensure smooth work.

At the end of the day, their main objective is to somehow NOT deliver a project but finish a milestone and make money out of it.

After cashing out for a milestone, they want you to put your current project on hold and start working on a new project until you have like 10-15 projects in the pipeline and you're severely overwhelmed and you just wanna fucking QUIT.

They would say YES to literally every fucking thing, only to disappoint the client later.

I can't believe someone in the US, or UK thought it'd be a good idea to approach these companies
for their brand new app ideas. They're so fucked.

They're rarely finishing any project.

I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I had to get it out of my system.

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    I used to get regular emails from these companies touting for business. I just applied some rules to my spam settings to get rid.
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    There's some decent shops in India for startup rapid prototype. The caveat is, the code will need to be rewritten for a 1.1, so you better get funding.

    Most shops are just interesting in billing bodies and rely on the sunk cost fallacy in place of skills and client relationship management.

    American IT departments rely on them to facilitate driving down the prevailing wage in the US, since we have no safeguards to prevent these types of abuse. They're not innocent of malfeasance either.
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    "They use git as a storage device."

    Haha Savage 💯
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    That's because stupid bean counters in Western companies think that the hourly rates are so cheap that there just HAS to be a way to save $$$.

    They always think that the big $$$ saving is right around the corner after getting traction - which of course never happens because of the high staff turnover.
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    They sadly also suck for consumers (as you've pointed out in this rant). It appears like these are just like regular outsource body shops but on heavy steroids. I'm currently working with a company that has something like a division of it in India (basically they've hired or bought a company there to do a noticeable chunk of stuff, idk), and Jesus, it's a dumpster fire.

    I'm not trying to call names here but it appears like they don't vet their employees (talking management as well) whatsoever. You may routinely end up helping out a "senior" engineer to do the most basic stuff imaginable, and you have to basically gatekeep the project repo to avoid dealing with them introducing a bug or unnecessary complexity by what they conjure up. Frankly, doesn't save money, since you're compensating this crap with your time anyway.

    Anyway, godspeed to you. Save up some cash and migrate outta there for better opportunities.
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    @F1973 I'm immature. :D But it's a rant and I had to get it out of my system.
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    @0x5d0 I actually ranted about service based IT companies. They suck. But well-funded product based ecosystem is actually quite good here in India. But they demand that you've been to a good school, have good grades, have solid understanding of DS & Algos and unfortunately I have none. I guess I have to work hard on those skills and get placed in one of those companies.
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    If you're not good enough with your skills, then chances of you working at a good enough company are slim. I guess I have to work hard on my skills and move to a better company. My entire rant is directed toward these companies' unwillingness to change. That's all. ; )
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    One of my best professors were indian. He had published papers on big data and performance, and his classes dug into the lowest levels of C and assembly while in other classes we were using python and matlab.

    He could tell similar stories, and my impression was that the reason good devs are hard to find in india is because you leave once you're good enough to get out.
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    @keith007 Well, I understand your frustration. You have to work hard to get going into a product company if you are not happy in your current job.

    So much is out there, opensource projects, collabs, this, that etc.

    I feel you still have lot of key strokes left in you.

    Go do something.
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    @SortOfTested my feeling exactly. Very good in getting something working together fast, but the classic "dont ever touch or look under the hood or it will never work again"
    I really linke the use case you provided, for start up prototyping
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