You know what really grinds my gears?

Seeing a 5-line comment, that have absolute no value, for a variable declaration.


* String that holds a delivery address.
public String deliveryAddress;

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    Company policy. :(
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    When you get paid by the LOC..
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    Seems the company doesn't really care that much of a good OOP design... a public field? Commented like this? I call it a crime.
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    @hayz seriously there are much worse things then these, when you get to a company where nothing is commented and the whole idea of a "field" public or private is an alien concept, THEN you will appreciate your current job. #spoileddevs
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    @jonnyserra Neither I wrote that I don't appreciate my current job, nor that this is the worst thing.

    It's just making me mad. While things you described were written by people who lacked knowledge and common sense - at least you have some kind of a logical reason. I can't see logical reason for writing comments like that, I'm just scared of what's happening in mind of a person that does that.

    And for clarification,
    @brod they weren't paid per line. @grimtar it's not a company policy.

    I guess some people just like commenting things...
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    Government work paying by LOC? Amazing and dumb comments all the way!
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    @Jase Line Of Code.
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    Do you maybe have a static quality check running in your CI system, that stops a commit if it doesn't have a certain percentage of comments?

    If so, the developer was lazy. Otherwise they were just stupid.
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