When I joined devRant 4 years ago, still in University, every other rant here seemed so high level.

Now that I'm in the industry for a little more tha. 2 years, every other rant seems University level xD

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    Why is Java the goto language for most backend systems, even in product based MNCs, like Amazon?
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    homie no ill intention, but you can't say that sh looks university level and then ask a hs level question my dude.
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    because java is easy to write and easy to maintain and fast
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    @AleCx04 Maybe he meant it that way, i.e. he still doesn't understand most of the rants posted here.
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    I hope I get to this point soon lol
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    The average quality of rants (and ranters) has diminished considerably, too. It’s sad.
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    @Jilano true.
    But what I actually meant was, when I joined, most users were working professionals and I felt like, you know, a little weird.

    Now there are so many University students!
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