Any python or php coder defending their poorly designed language


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    What does this even mean
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    Cool video but ?????
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    Also, how come you like js but shit on python and php? It's the pot calling the kettle black...
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    Sometimes people have to do more than browser animations.
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    I love and worked on both languages but php arrays are blunder when i got in depth its not array its fucking map. Haha.
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    What in the actual fuck.
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    @kiki There's an animal called the "Babirusa". Its canine teeth grow upwards, through the snout. These teeth keep growing during the entire length of the Babirusa's life.

    In some cases, it can end up penetrating the animal's skull and actually fatally damaging the brain.

    The similarities between this animal and developers that argue about languages have always bewildered me.
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