I love 2:30 am support calls, especially for a system I know nearly nothing about and when I'm supposed to be 4th in line for a call.

Hopefully I made the right decision. Now let's see if I can fall back asleep.

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    Hmmm 4th in the hunt group? And the first 3 were???
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    @Jumpshot44 Now that I've had a chance to see the emails going around about it I'm less salty.

    1 & 2 aren't developers, just people who know the systems well and act as a buffer so the support developers don't get called every time the system farts. They didn't feel like they had the authority to OK the manual running of a data job. Fine, I think they probably could have, but I understand that's not in their normal job description so I'll accept them punting it to the devs on support.

    The primary dev (3) just didn't answer his phone, so I got called.
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