Didn't know Android had such a Feature.

I know it's possible using OCR tools, but still, it's amazing.


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    I am not able to post GIFs, don't know why
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    I was about to question your decision to add a link to a gif instead of posting it but then I read your comment.
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    That's kinda cool, and creepy.
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    @C0D4 It’s definitely cool and useful.

    At least it’s cool until you remember that Android (well, google assistant) watches and analyzes the contents of your screen all the time, and that’s probably where the feature came from.
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    @Root it probably wouldn't be so bad if Google didn't analyse everything while it was at it.
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    @Root Maybe it only triggers on long press, Google has all powers to steal stuff from our phone, we can trust them here though.
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    @theabbie You can’t trust them, anywhere.
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    @Root Is it necessary that it's Google Assistant who does this? can't it be a feature in Android itself?
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    @theabbie Why are you trying to find ways Google might not be spying? Is it Stockholm syndrome?
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    @Root Accusing them without any evidence is a greater problem, it might be spying, I was just telling that this is a great feature and there is no need for them to be actually collecting everything on screen.
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