After a night of hard work, got arch dual booted on my Mac :) now time to learn it

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    Next task: get wireless working :'(
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    looking forward to how it goes
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    Guide to learning it
    Step One: Push power button

    There's a head start ;)
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    IMO: Adding a DE like LXDE will help you alot to start with. Gui for managing the usual stuff like Wifi(WLAN), LAN etc.

    Then when you got that running i would recommend you to start learning doing the stuff your gui does but in the cli.

    Starting up with just a cli is cruel. If you have to do that you could atleast use i3 or something.
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    @Flarp this looks very helpful! Thanks :) I'm running into driver issues now though.. Think I've got a bit of work before I get wifi going :(
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    What's your thinking behind this?
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    Why not? I also want to try out arch Linux with the intent of building a computer in the next year, which I plan to dual boot with Windows :)
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    I run arch with Windows dual. On arch I have awesome tiler and Plasma KDE, i learned how to manage AUR packages but now use yaourt.

    The docs are life.
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    @FuzzyMyztiq the dogs have been amazing so far.. But unfortunately not helpful for my driver issue.. Do you like KDE? I tried cinnamon in a vm.. It was cool.. I need to try out the different DEs after I figure out my WiFi
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    I had some problems with wireless on my arch install too. For the driver, try "iw" and then "rfkill" "IP link" and "wpa_supplicant". Those were the main commands I had to try to get my wireless card working
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    @Flarp update, I guess my driver had no issues, got connected with the guide, thanks!
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