I just told my biggest client that they have to start changing things or they will need to find a different company to work with.

I'm hired to program what they want. They are suppossed to do all the concepting, functional designs, QA, testing.

So they tell me to program feature x, not realising that this interact with feature y. And then complain about the change in feature y. Make me do a lot of extra work and then complain that my estimates are way off.

So I told them they also need to hire my company for the software design and QA and prefferable testing because I'm done getting blamed.

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    They are like 80% of my annual income but if I keep this up I'm going to burnout acording to my docter. ^^
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    Pack your laptop go to thailand and work remotly from there. That may help against the stress.

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    I understand your frustrations. It's a universal constant that clients don't generally get what they're asking for. But we deal with that by communication. If new feature x interacts and affects existing feature y, you probably need to tell them that before doing the work and allow them to make a decision to proceed, modify or scrap. It's a tough call.
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    @samk yeah, but at this point they don't give me the time or budget for that. So that needs to change or I can't keep this up.
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    @aronmik Sounds very typical. People want the earth but don't want to wait or pay for it. But I'm glad you're trying to do something about it before it affects your health or well-being.
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    I've found that having someone to blame is part of why people use proprietary software or use external devs :) Sorry to hear about your situation though! Being very clear about what you do (and don't) is the best way I've found. "I'll deliver feature Z on date A, and when you deploy it you will see the changes in connected features X and Y that you surely have planned when ordering this development"
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    Well that went different then expected. Crying client and I get a bigger budget in 2017. Lets see how it goes. They agreed that I could declare any hours I would need to improve the proces and apllication.

    The client was crying because she was doing her best. And telling her that it does not really matter how hard you work but the quality of the work. Was probably not the right thing to say.
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    I'm sometimes the client and sometimes the dev. I try to learn so I can write better specs next time I'm the client. If they provide annual income then you have had them as a client for long enough for them to learn and improve.
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    @Elkstorm One of the problems is that the project keeps getting passed around inside the company. The current owner has only a vague idea what the complete app can do.

    But with this "free" card I'm going to document the current state of the app. Do some research on improvements and going to present them a guide to a better product.
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