Boss: We need a discount coupons system right now

Me: We have lot of security concerns, if we implement that as the things are right now, that will be exploited by hackers to get infinite discounts

Boss: Dont worry, i will monitor everything personally for avoid problems

Me: :facepalm:

PD: I entered this software agency 4 months ago by necessity and everything was a mess, they pay 250 bucks to all their devs.

They have what they deserve, a shitty software that can be exploited everywhere

Pls give me another Job xD

PD2: I can sell you lot of exploits for this shitty platform they built JAJAJAJAJAJAJA okno

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    Why not use systems like Chartgebee ?

    I don't like them, but at least I don't have these kind of asks.

    They can manage setup of pricing / discounts them selves
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    @NoToJavaScript thats is a complete whole topic in this shitty agency. They buy baremetal for not to pay cloud services . . . so you can have an idea of what this bosses has in mind
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