Met a total stranger last Sunday,helped him with the Grocery since he was new to the city.
Next day,I see him in "People you may know" on LinkedIn.Neither of us did a search on each other's name.
We just exchanged numbers since he is from my place back in India.Extremely creepy.

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    Did you store his number? If LinkedIn has access to your contacts, then it'll just be matching the stored number to the one on his profile
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    Mobile number is more than enough
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    @linux-colonel yes,I did.That makes sense. But I don't have the LinkedIn mobile app. Saw the suggestion on laptop.
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    @sharurox your friend could have the app installed. Otherwise, I don't see a connection between you too
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    @asgs I guess he would have had it.
    But the suggestion must have come to him I would imagine.
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    Same thing with Facebook BTW
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    @sharurox, LinkedIn detect both accounts are related, and show it to both parts. It has a lot of info. As an example, if you get a Google Calendar invite with several participants, LinkedIn could show you all the people in the meeting, even if they don't use the same email address on their accounts.
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