I have a good friend who wants to learn the basics of web development so she can leave her job. We used hang out frequently before the pandemic, so this would be a way for us to talk more. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how I can really help, since I don’t think I’m a good teacher.
My current plan is to send her through the free portions of Codecademy, and then find one-hour code challenges where we can code together via video chat, and then I can show her how I’d do certain parts differently when she’s done.
I feel like this is an OK foundation, but it doesn’t get into much of the other things web developers need, like CMS training and other stuff that just pops up as you work. Do you have any suggestions for 1) how to flesh out this training, 2) how to keep this fun, and not shift the dynamic of our friendship, and 3) how to eventually prove to a future employer that this training is actually useful?

Big ask, so big thanks to those with suggestions!

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    If you're not a good teacher ... probably not a great situation.

    Nothing wrong with TRYing, but also the other person needs to try things too, code academy, other various methods of learning, etc.

    IMO nobody can 'make' someone a good dev, they can only try to help someone along, but it's the individual who makes them self a good dev.
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    Self motivation and aptitude are needed. If this person is motivated then they will eat up any kind of learning resources. I don't know if Khan Academy has webpage related coding, but it will help with a good foundation in certain kinds of programming. They use JS for a lot of their CS stuff. So that will help them learn JS.
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    I usually find live/classroom courses as a better way of learning than lookin at a playlist of videos/articles. checkout the udacity/coursera or other platforms that are starting some new batch. she would learn better under pressure and in a environment full of multiple peers

    if not classroom then practical are the next best thing. Your 1 on 1 sessions on creating mini websites plan sounds good.
    My friend got me to learn concepts of webdev by making me join their company and giving me small tasks from their project
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    You know what, for me it's harder to teach than studying. Teaching isn't just for meπŸ˜”
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    If you can’t find a cool coder chick... you fucking make one.
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