Have you guys heard of the term "smart " as in "smart city" or "smart phone"
It actually is:

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    Nobody holds a gun to your head and forces you to use them
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    Want to borrow my aluminum foil hat?
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    Reminds me of Watch Dogs 2 which I've been playing lately. Cool game. It's like a hacker version of GTA. You play as this guy who is an activist hacker and through his skills is inducted into a small group in SF called DedSec.
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    @RazorSh4rk When every single human being you know uses that technology then I would say you are really being forced to participate (to some degree).
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    @nickpapoutsis tell me exactly what happens if you do not
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    @RazorSh4rk You won't die but it would be like connecting with people using only fax and a pager. Definitely doable but no-one will go the extra mile (our better yet, AU) to keep you in their lives.
    Relationships will die out, people won't be inviting you, finding and keeping jobs will be getting extremely difficult and the world will be exchanging information through a channel you have no access to.

    For example, I do not use Facebook and have missed everything from announcements, meetups and hackathons to friends, girls and relatives.

    (Yeah yeah, I should be calling my friends and relatives on the phone or meeting them for a coffee but they are organizing and living their lives through Facebook. When they want to share their new relationship, job or newborn they will post it on their wall and their contacts will see it instantly. Me, on the other hand, will be in the dark because there is no way they'll call to read to me their status updates.)
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    @nickpapoutsis we are talking about smart tech, most of what you said can be accomplished by a pc and hiding yourself on a pc is pretty easy
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    @RazorSh4rk When saying hiding, do you mean from NSA and stuff?
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    @garrettw omg i want watch dogs 2 so bad. It looks awesome! I hope I get it for Christmas! :D
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    Got WD2 for free with my 1070. Still need to play it tho!
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    The thing with privacy is the measure of it.
    For example: Everyone watches porn, right(you should watch if you don't).
    You don't want your parents/girlfriend/relatives to know that you watch porn.
    But suppose someone can read into your browser traffic, and start sending you pornographic advertisements on Facebook. Or better uphold it against you in front of your parents.
    And this is all very basic.
    A sense of privacy is important.
    Consider this: your neighbor has hole in the wall through which he watches you take bath. What you will do?
    You obviously not gonna say "hey I should have not bought this flat, these are the perks of it"k
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