devrant feels like 9gag for smart people

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    So like reddit for developers :P
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    Seems like devRant with user feedback will break new ground. Opportunity is there. I believe they will execute on it.
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    I'm sick of 9gag, it's filled with cunts that always make the same jokes and all laugh about it... I discovered devRant just in time...
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    @afduarte at first I read your name as "adafruit", and was stoked, and then re-read it, and was not quite as stoked.
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    let's be honest, I think all of us developers waltz around thinking we're smarter than everyone in the office.
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    It is like Voat for developers haha
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    @hannah 'cause we're kinda smart i guess :D
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    9gag stopped being funny like 3 years ago..
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    You're @100 +1's go get your devrant stress ball!
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    Congrats on 100
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