Okay. So my dumbass boss took this project that had a steep timeline. I told him straight up, it won't work because we won't make the timeline. If we do this, I will be the one bending over backwards to deliver. I don't like to promise and fail. I got the oh don't worry let's just try. If we don't make it that's fine. Unfortunately that's not how I work. I refuse to deliberately fail. So I say okay and we begin. I suggested open source is the fastest way to deliver bit the fucked up part is, I am the only senior dev in the team. I will be expected to reverse engineer the open source app to connect our own deployment parameters. Use tech I have never used before. Connect frontend and backend. Handle dns bullshit. I have literally been working on Vibes and coffee for the past two weeks because ofcourse I ran into so many issues. Now I have an extension for Monday and I hate to fail. So I am not sleeping or resting just working on a fucking java app I didnt build and I am expected to make it work seemlessly on our production environment. I made some progress. Deployed frontend, deployed backend. Forgot to connect production dB so I decided to go with azure database for mysql driver since we have credits on azure. Now my java app is pissing itself over ssl handshake. I generate my keystore and add it and now java socket just times out. I want to pummel somebody or a punching bag that looks like my boss.

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    Not sleeping is a mistake
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    What's a java? (TM)
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    Get some sleep, reduce coffee intake because it amplifies stress and you will soon start freaking out for every little problem (if you havent started already). Try to separate work from personal life. If you are not ready on monday ask for another week extension. You are in control of this, please stop bending over backwards just to prove something. Dont event think about working on this in late nights or weekends. Its completely normal to fail especially if one is being put in a tough situation. Please stop letting your boss to take advantage of you. Dont jump on his arbitrary deadlines.

    When I was a junior dev I myself did this dozens of times. Half of them boss didnt even care that my tool is finished and sometimes it would take extra few weeks for it to be actually used.

    It made me very furious that I would do 4 weeks of work in 2 weeks and nobody would care. For a month or so I would be drained out and useless wouldnt have anything to do until my tool is actually released..
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    I'm surprised a junior dev can't take some loads off ya. Most of it sounds hectic but might be delegable. Again I'm not sure about junior devs' competence.
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    @witchDev get some sleep. Your brain passed the ballmer peak
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    @iiii I agree. I am getting hot flashes today and I know my body simply needs a hard reset.
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    @zemaitis can I double ++ your advice? Thank you. I am sleeping tonight and pushing whatever I have been able to achieve at 6pm.
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    @3rdWorldPoison the junior devs are incompetent and I would have to spend more time training them. Now that it is obv that I am not a machine, I will request for some higher criteria for next hires. Senior devs only.
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    @NeatNerdPrime I Google baller peak and I agree with you 😭
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    @notSoCoolGuy THIS IS A THING???? 😂 😂 LOVE WANT AND NEED IT!!!
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    @notSoCoolGuy this is definitely gonna raise some eyebrows. I'd like a set of 8 please
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    @3rdWorldPoison @witchDev I saw it a few days ago while looking for custom printed gifts.

    BTW I heard there is a company that will courier shit(human) to the address that you want or dump manure in their driveway
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    @notSoCoolGuy the things you know courier for shit, punching bag with people's faces are cool!

    @witchDev I hope you got some sleep. Some junior devs might show promise and you can talk to which one is willing to take more responsibility or task. It's a plus for them too because the added responsibility can be a point of consideration for promotion or a raise.
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    @iamai I did get some sleep this weekend and was able to make the deadline for today. Although a few issues on production but I delivered.

    Tbh devrant steady giving me good advice I love this app.
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